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5GC converged Core Network officially launched

Beijing Changkun Technology Co., Ltd. (CKTECH) has completed all R&D and testing of its own 5GC converged core network products and will officially release the commercial products to the public on April 20, 2020.

Designed with NFV technology, the 5GC converged core network migrates carrier-grade dedicated equipment to X86 architecture servers and supports rapid access to both 4G and 5G base stations to provide high-speed data throughput for 5G application scenarios. 5GC converged Core Network is a technology and architecture leading Core Network product for the private network industry market and is an important part of the next generation core network solution.

The 5GC converged Core Network uses NFV technology to provide high scalability, density deployment and high performance, improving resource utilization and enabling flexible deployment, fast delivery and easy application maintenance. With an all-IP compact design, a single hardware node with a typical throughput of 20Gbps and support for expansion.

It meets the application requirements of the private network industry market. Carrier-grade hardware and software design to meet the reliability requirements of 7*24-hour continuous operation. With abundant network management functions, high security multi-level authorization protection, convenient networking and maintenance, supporting centralized network management and remote network management.

Please pay attention to CKTECH's WeChat public number (ChangkunTECH), or visit CKTECH's website ( for more information about the products.