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HLT, a subsidiary of CKTECH, attended the Online Summit of NXP Connects 2021 China/APAC


Recently, as a NXP Gold Partner, HLT (a subsidiary of CKTECH) attended the Online Summit of NXP Connects 2021 China/APAC to share application cases in 5G small base stations. Based on NXP's LX2160 and LA1200 series chip platforms, HLT is dedicated to the development and production of 5G hardware and software platforms and products. 

HLT brings a diversity of 5G solutions and products including CU, DU, RU, integrated base stations, CPE and other 5G products to operators and industrial customers. The new flexible and open ecology has given rise to a new 5G network development concept, which allows operators and industrial private network users to deploy 5G networks more efficiently and flexibly. 

HLT’s RAN solution meets the requirement of different fields and application scenarios and enables 5G small base stations with high performance, low cost, low power consumption, flexible deployment and intelligent O&M in terms of deep coverage and vertical industry deployment.