5G Smart Park

Adopting integrated 5G Base Station and customized industrial CPE terminal, the 5G Smart Park solution builds private 5G networks for companies together with telecom operators. The 5G Smart Park solution makes full use of operators’ spectrum resources and helps expand 5G industry application for operators. At the same time, the solution can also promote 5G service experiences and guarantee the data security for companies and customers.

Giving full play to the 5G technical advantages for eMBB, uRLLC and mMTC, telecom operators are exploring and expanding 5G applications for companies to increase 5G investment incomes. The 5G Smart Park network is a kind of solution to help operators explore and expand 5G industry markets. 

1. Network mode for 5G Smart Park

The 5G Smart Park network is based on the operator’s 5G private network mode for industries. The operator's 5G frequency for public or private network is applicative to cover the industrial park. The 5G Smart Park network connects to the operator's public 5G network by UPF or private 5GC of the industrial park. The private networks for industrial park can be divided into shared private network and dedicated private network according to the sharing mode of 5G Core Network and radio access network.


Type one: private network mode


Type two: shared mode

2. Radio Access Network for 5G Smart Park

The wireless access network is preferentially recommended to use the frequency specially for 5G private network planned by the operators, such as N79 band (4.9GHz) of China Mobile. The dedicated 5G spectrum ensures the wireless access security and avoids interference. The different frequency for 5G private and public network can realize independent configuration as required, such as the ratio of upstream and downstream resources, which can be configured for industrial application specially.

5G technology and radio access network can fully guarantee the security of private network services and data, for the reason that it has complete security mechanism, such as user authentication, air-port encryption, data integrity protection and mobility management.

5G wireless access network can fully ensure the service quality of the enterprise parks by providing ultra-large bandwidth data throughput, low latency and high reliability. The integrated 5G Base Station is specially designed for 5G Smart Park and the peak data throughput of a single station exceeds 1.5Gbps. The distributed 5G micro Base Station system can be used to cover the indoor space, which can be flexibly deployed according to the indoor space.

3. Core Network for 5G Smart Park

There are various deployment modes for 5G Core Network. Data local shunted is the best way to ensure data security, reduce the transmission bottleneck between the Base Stations and operators’ public 5G Core Network, and reduce the service time delay. The private all-in-one 5GC Core Network or UPF is deployed in the park. The all-in-one 5G Core Network adopts a converged design and integrates with UPF functions to connect to application platforms for the park by 5G standard interfaces.